Hi. We're the Hills. Cary is an engineer currently pursuing his PhD, and I am a middle school band teacher. We both grew up in Small-Town-Rural Virginia, fell in love the summer before we both left for college at Virginia Tech, and got married 5 years later. Fast forward 3 years (time flies when you're having fun), and we're ready to start a family... That's where God reveals to us the serious need for families for many orphans in the world. (Read about the beginning of our adoption story at our personal blog, HERE.) 3 weeks after we turned in our adoption agency application, we got THE CALL with our referral. TWIN BOYS waiting for us on the other side of the ocean. 5 days later we accepted, and now our boys (Cary calls them our MIGHTY MEN) are in Ethiopia, waiting for us to bring them home!

$2 for Two

The $2 for Two Campaign:

Here's how it works! We're adopting two twin boys. (The costs associated with adoption are comparable to a middle school band teacher's annual salary.) But a little goes a long way! And through this campaign, we hope to prove how much power there is in the collective.

We're asking for a dollar for each of the twins. (Don't anybody go donating in uneven numbers - you know how siblings can be... No one wants to find out his brother got a dollar more than he did, even in donations.) :)

Click the "Donate" button below. If you have a paypal account and that's your preferred way to share your $2, once you enter the amount you want to donate, the option to login to your paypal account will appear. If you'd rather pay using your credit card, after you enter your donation amount, simply look for the credit card icons (bottom left) and click "continue" to proceed.

Or... there is still the old fashioned way! Email me at give2savetwo@gmail.com and I'll send you 
our mailing address.

Thanks for joining!